Our marketing system

We market our jewellery through independent distributors. Our medium-priced collection of exclusive jewellery is oriented towards the global trend and is enthusiastically received by millions of customers. Magnetic energy is a strong additional argument in the growing wellness market.

The spectrum of activities ranges from a second job through to a medium sized company with a rapidly expanding team. These possibilities are typical of direct selling, an activity that has been firmly established for many years alongside traditional retail sales and mail order sales. Over 65 million people worldwide work as independent direct sales distributors and sell goods worth 114 billion euros annually. The future prospects are rated very positively by all the experts. Above-average rates of growth have been achieved in direct sales for many years regardless of the prevailing economic conditions.

Direct selling offers an attractive professional alternative in any economic situation. We belong to a number of well-known international direct sales associations and work in strict accordance with their codes of practice. This has enabled us to build up a successful company, one that is well respected in the industry.

If you decide to work as an independent ENERGETIX Bingen distributor, you initially have an experienced distributor at your side.Fantastic opportunities are open to you.